Welcome to CMMTech

We are a dev team focusing
on Voice User Interfaces
(VUI) such as Amazon Alexa

Hello There

We Are CMMTech

We love Voice!

Since the introduction of Amazon's Alexa devices, we've been hooked on voice. We enjoying building unique experiences for this new medium and discovering fun and exciting use cases for voice.

Having built several skills for Alexa, we've codified & improved the dev process to the point where we can build a simple skill for you in generally under a day.

We want to work with you to build your next skill.

What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to launch your VUI Skills


Our in-house dev team is versed in building Alexa skills and can build your voice experience in minimal time! We'll do all the heavy lifting here.


We've got you covered here too! We can handle building your skill icon and design assets. Our in-house design team can take on any work!


Don't want to deal with hosting the skill yourself? Don't worry, we're more than happy to host your skill on AWS Lambda for you.


Ditto with storage and persistance. We can take on the burden of persisting skill data during and across user sessions.

Audio Skills

Got an audio skill in mind? As part of the development, we'll even host your audio files where they can be accessed and served on Alexa.


By working with us you'll get access to market your skill via our network of Skills. We market any skills built by CMMTech in our network of already developed skills.

Our Skills

We love what we do, check out some of our latest skills


Now you can direct Alexa's fury at anyone you choose! "Alexa start being mean and be mean to 'name-of-your-enemy'"

Soothing Elevator Music

Enjoy the ride to the top floor with the best smooth elevator music playlist. A collection of soothing elevator music. Perfect for lunch, dinner parties, or just chilling and relaxing to.

The Lord's Prayer

Easily incorporate reciting the Lord's Prayer as a part of your daily or nightly routine. Alexa will recite The Lord's Prayer when prompted.

My Morning

Alexa will give you a series of things to do each morning to help you win the day, be more positive, and lead a more happy, healthy and successful life.

Random Fun Fact

Random Fun Fact is a great skill that will supply you with interesting tidbits of information to impress your friends and family with.

Rhyme Thyme

Rhyme Thyme is a fun game skill for all ages! Alexa gives you a word and you respond with a word that rhymes! Easy right? :)

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